From various Germanic dialects I was born the most widely used language par excellence of English. It is the third language in number of inhabitants who have the English language as the mother tongue behind Mandarin and Spanish, yet English is today the main language in international communication.

Advantages of learning English

English is the universal language par excellence, this makes learning almost mandatory. Its extension to many areas, including education and employment, pushes you to want and should learn English. As the main advantages of learning this widespread language are:

  • Information and education: Several of the best universities in the world are located in the United States, i.e. they speak English. If you want to study an undergraduate, do courses or postgraduate courses, you need to master the language. On the other hand, in the times when the site runs the fastest information is the Internet and 56% of the sites on this network are in English, apart from the documents that can serve us throughout the university career.
  • Work: For some jobs it is necessary to master English to be able to deal with more people and have a wide field to extend the business. That's why often having a promotion depends on whether or not we speak the language.
  • Travel: Speaking English opens the door to many countries that we couldn't enjoy before, as their language is English or otherwise. Knowing English, we may perform better whether it's in an English-speaking place or not, because as a universal language many of the people we meet may know English and not our native language.
  • Cinema: As simple as getting rid of reading subtitles or better understand the jokes that are often made with reference to the language.
  • Art, music and literature: In the extension of cultural areas English is the language that dominates. By learning English you can have access to plays books and music without relying on them to get a translation in your language.

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