Sistrix Course

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With this free course of 19 video lessons you will learn about the most important concepts of Sistrix

SISTRIX is one of those few platforms that goes much further, to the point of being able to classify it as one of the essential tools for success in the SEO world due to the integrity of its interface.

Sistrix is an index that measures the total value of a page's visibility in Google search results; the higher the value, the more traffic generally reaches that page from the search engine.

It is a tool very well valued by companies when measuring the effectiveness of the SEO strategies implemented, as well as checking if there has been any change in the Google algorithm.

One of its main advantages and that differentiates this tool from others such as Analytics or Search Console is that it not only provides data related to the website itself, but also to that of the competition.

In this way, if for example a company buying and selling second-hand laptops wants to launch an online store, with Sistrix you can analyze the domains with more success in terms of traffic from Google and thus identify the SEO methods that have been used by other stores in the sector.