Ahrefs Course

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With this free 1-lesson video course you will learn about the most important concepts of Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a highly accurate and fast backlink monitoring tool. Ahrefs will help us discover the links that are created to our domain. But not only will they help us discover the links that point to our domain, we will also be able to know the volume of links of our competition. If we discover the incoming links of our competition, we can better understand the Linkbuilding strategy they have used and discover interesting platforms where to leave our link and above all, add value to users.

Unlike other tools like Open SiteExplorer, Ahrefs updates its database on a daily basis. In this way, we will be able to know the links that are created to our domain almost in "real time".

How does Ahrefs work?

It has a simple operation, just include the URL that you want to analyze, showing the breakdown of the backlinks through a detailed graphical representation. You can also see the anchor map with the origin of the links and the most important keywords. Using the content browser you will search for content, using a keyword (or website) and get a list of the most popular articles based on their "performance metrics". Ahrefs also allows you to install a toolbar or SEO Toolbar in Chrome or Firefox browsers with which you instantly get all the most important SEO utilities for any page you visit