Japanese Cuisine Free Course

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Japanese cuisine is becoming known worldwide more and more. There are thousands of Japanese restaurants, and we all like to go to dinner or eat at a restaurant of these, to try the delicious recipes they can offer us, and discover another culture in the world of cooking.

Basic ingredients for Japanese cuisine

This kind of cuisine It's not complicated at all, although many people think otherwise. If it is true, that as in all types of cuisine, there are recipes that need much more elaboration, but it is generally simple. Here are some of the most basic ingredients needed to make the most common recipes of Japanese cuisine.

  • Japonica rice, this ingredient is indispensable in any Japanese pantry.
  • Panko, is Japanese breadcrumbs. With this breadcrumbs you can make the breading of pork chops.
  • Rice vinegar, is made with fermented rice, and is much less acidic than any other we know of.
  • Wasabi,
  • Seeds of sesame
  • Hon-dashi, Broth that is made with dried bonito flakes, and they use it as the base of many soups and sauces.
  • Sauce Soy, but it must be Japanese, since Chinese has a different flavor.
  • Seaweed nori, is best known for wrapping, for example, sushi.